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Leah Dodd


we’re laughing uncontrollably
eating bread in the bathroom

she’s magic in a gingham dress
and my hair’s up like antennae

these wild nights live
in the space between us

she cures the blues on the back of a raindrop
down a tobacco alleyway while they

dance to electro-pop
at the side of the pool

their wet white flares
like sticky vanilla

wearing sunglasses indoors
at four in the velvet morning

we invite the devil to breakfast
for mi goreng and chocolate milk

soon I’ll be spilling gin on the sofa
climbing like silver lining

through the cracks of blackout blinds
praying to see her in the next blue moon

Leah Dodd has previously been published in Re-Draft and the New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology, and is currently studying poetry at the International Institute of Modern Letters alongside a BA in English Literature.