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Sarah Batkin

Crocodile Tears

Based on Sandra Hochman’s 1973 documentary The Year of the Woman

Camera pans left

to right,

men with rubbery necks pry,
watching the carnivalesque
performance of an all-female troupe,
lips gnarled drifting laughter

across room
to the parade of mounting anger,
one partisan has the face of a crocodile,
the body of a woman.

Jeering is contagious,
it has a domino effect – 
the disease is oppression.

She begs for eyes and ears:
‘I have cried for so long
without anybody listening.’


Sarah Batkin is a Creative Writing and Social Sciences student at Auckland University of Technology. She will be completing her MA in English and New Media in 2017. Her writing has previously appeared in North & South, Salient and The Spinoff.