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essa MAY ranapiri

how chemicals in the body behave during a second puberty

            we drift into              another’s sex levels                    hormones colonize the body –
                                                  that have hair fat with ‘female’ storage,
 the including growth,                                         of this sugar sex di hydro testosterone

                                          breast change,                                   the stubbing pain behind the nipple

into steroids              the characteristics become their own morphology

                                                                                     messengers have sex and die along these strains.

The different types divide, burning estrogens in an oil lamp:              regulate estradiol,

  Changing associated with positive growth                                                          A various reproduction.                
This one is taking it from me

The taken sex inside progestagens: of hair unwanted of hair cast off

  the levels Generally remain static, in distribution,

           grow bone as a tin can 

                                                                                       help the muscle get higher

in tribute to born cells                                        tell the metabolism, fuck          puberty have at it!

                          ignore the other drive, voice and characteristics to hormones develop there

                                                                                 ovaries/testicles,      feed on the slash

function, and make three mass,                      pulverised in the cell

                                        and organs part de hydro epi androsterone

a chemical body

                                                                      progesterone sex etc.).

levels, categories and sex

                                                 androgen in the genitals,

                                                                                                                                 blood dripping from ‘males’      leaning into the slot

                                                                                          a naturally like-this-way body

                                                                                                                               higher sex will change

testosterone, thirst, functions,                  tend to gender.     Like a plant in a pot next to a heater.


the smeared blood / flat down caught

over creases in the neck / the base

of the chin / the pencil skirt / the

    short / cut / the hair / the straight

       lines of the jaw / that testosterone

    bought her / the droplets glistening / about

       her adam’s apple / quivering to the beat

              of her / lateness / twenty years

            late to work in / the morning


my heart is a poem assembled by the Coca-Cola marketing board
each dry syllable pumped into a vat of focus groups
lonely not alone a tv pushed into the spaces of my brain
this will get the audience desire – the seasons lily-white shallows
a haiku to quench my thirsty bones – shuffle used caps into my lower intestines and move
the line breaks along predetermined paths

make me saleable and sealable in plastic coat
make me say as little as possible with my thumbs straight up
adverts for joy gap-toothed – the real happiness that hides in the lining of my waist
has thirty valuable clinks to it perhaps like iambic
the unstress stress of the words
and the repetition really rip good sense into the thought process

material is what i am to want
and am to be

unlid my liquid

essa may ranapiri /// trans po-et /// they-them-theirs
‘whale & harpoon’ as metaphor for  the ?self? no certainty like un certainty they will write until they are dead            [has words in Mayhem, Brief, Geometry, Poetry NZ, Starling, Them]