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amanda jane robinson

end times

I’m terrified of death but not enough to want to survive the apocalypse.
I’m bad with endurance and a brat for air conditioning.
Going to the mall is masochistic enough.

Vanessa said she’d rather someone call her hot than smart and I agree.

I hope I’m thin and rich enough for Issey Miyake before doomsday.
Body positivity is boring but
I’m still torn between burial and cremation.

My boyfriend asked if hot yoga is only for hot people and I’m jealous
of how well they’ll cope with global warming.
I need to befriend somebody with a pool.
Remember when everyone wanted
to be a marine biologist?
Steve Irwin truly was the last good man.

I dropped out of pescetarianism as an exercise in nihilism
but it’s no more interesting just

I’ve been ‘thinking about taking up smoking’ for three years now.
Not having my drivers license is my positive environmental contribution.
I should probably re-read the book of Revelation.

Last week I did an online quiz
that said I wasn’t depressed,
just ‘extremely emotionally volatile’.

I know weeping willows are a basic bitch tree but they’re still my favourite.
I keep forgetting whether an endless summer is Heaven or Hell.

If I must live,
I want a bunker that looks like Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico ranch
but with SAD lamps instead of windows
and enough room for everyone I love.

The nightmares about acid rain are the worst
whereas smog makes for a soft
diffused look.

Reading the internet for too long is like
fingering the hole in the ozone
and hoping it loves you back.
Something... cataclysmic.

I just need to make enough money to buy prescription sunglasses.

Do you think we’ll run out of food before
or after
the earth gets too hot to be bothered to fuck?
Sunburned hearts and
conjugal visits in industrial freezers.

Sometimes I really want a baby but then I remember I’ve been in overdraft since August.

I think I’ll miss swimming the most.

Amanda Jane Robinson is a writer and filmmaker. Her written work has been published in Metro, Vice, The Spinoff and Flicks, and her films have been exhibited at Auckland Art Gallery, Basement Theatre, and Studio One Toi Tū. She is currently completing her Masters in Screen Directing at the University of Auckland.