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Lucy Diver

New Year's Eve walking on the beach, items found:

a puffer fish
               very dead
stiff mouth
   dry eye
                                  a spaghetti of clear cord once for fishing

sole of a scuffed shoe

   one small pink jellyfish, sitting

mangrove seeds
worn smooth wood

      (sand, obviously and everywhere)

             with other shells
                                         inside them

a shag, sprawled on the dune
feathers ruffled, dirty feet
how did it die?

Next tide, next year:

terrain dimpled with wave prints
same pattern as the clouds
reflected in the wet sand

clean and fresh, a shag in flight passing through this dual surface

Items Not For Display

lost thing is destroyed
pencil shaving like an eyelash
the sound of thinking with a blunt pencil
clumps of pubic hair torn out in loneliness
Sappho’s bellybutton
fireworks through foliage
the outer country of the body in the bath
61 things you didn’t know about Friends
hard blueberries and warm strawberries being crushed against the roof of the mouth
fragment of a royal nose
it is easier to plant trees than to paint them
its unusualness makes scholars doubt its authenticity

Lucy Diver was born in Germany to New Zealand parents, grew up in Auckland, and is currently living in France. She has been published in New Zealand in the College HeraldSunday Star Times and several NZ Poetry Society anthologies. In England she has worked with the Oxford Student, Cherwell, ISIS Magazine and The Mays, while completing her BA in English Literature at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.